SO HOW DOES OUR SHIPPING WORK? works with manufacturers and artisans across the world to source the coolest products at the prices that suit you. 

This results in some our orders being shipped to you from across the world - from Asia.
However, we do ensure we can track our orders for your extra piece of mind.

Yet because your products are coming from so far away they often take  7 to 20  business days to arrive depends on where do we ship to! So no worrying if the product doesn't arrive the next day!

The following is the approximate delivery time:

Country Estimated delivery 
United State
7-15 business days
10-20 business days
10-20 business days
7-15 business days
7-15 business days


Most of our shipments arrive within the time frame, however factors such as delayed logistics or customs clearings might affect the deliver time as well. The time frame given is estimated not guaranteed. 

*Please be aware that orders placed during the holiday season ( Nov 15th to December 26th) might be delayed for up to 3-7 business days.